Our Training Programmes

Our Training Programmes

One size doesn’t always fit all; we understand that an organization is different from one another thus our programme can be tailored based on your needs and wants. Come and join us to learn the courses from UniKL renowned subject matter expert who are leaders in the Higher Technical and Vocational Education and Training (HTVET) fields.

1 Turning OperationMMF 1013
2Conventional Turning  (Lathe) /Advanced MMF 101 (2)3
3Milling OperationMMF 1023
4CNC Lathe Programming & MachiningMMF 1033
5CNC Milling Programming & MachiningMMF 1043
6Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Wire Cut Programming & MachiningMMF 1063
7Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)  Die Sinking Programming & MachiningMMF 1073
8Tool & Die Design TechnologyMMF 1093
9Conventional Machine MaintenanceMMF 1113
10Tool Cutter GrinderMMF 1123
11CNC Turret PunchingMMF 1143
12Mould DesignMMF 1153
13Mould FabricationMMF 1163
14Introduction to Automotive Assembly OperationMMF 1173
15Welding, Painting and Final AssemblyMMF 118 (T)3
16Manufacturing Engineering techniques – ( Layout, process flow/charts, material handling and automation)MMF 119 (T)3
17Lean Manufacturing Operation for Profitable Production (Theory)MMF 120 (T)3
18Application of Maynard Operation Sequence Techniques (MOST) (Theory)MMF 121 (T)3
19Single Minutes Exchange of Die (SMED) (Theory)MMF 122 (T)3
20Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Current and Future StateMMF 123 (T)3
21Design of Experiment (DOE) (Theory)MMF 125 (T)3
22Objectives and Elements of Production Planning Control (PPC) (Theory)MMF 126 (T)3
23Grinding TechnologyMMF 1283
24Pre Production (Theory)MMF 129 (T)3
25Product Planning (Theory)MMF 130 (T)3
26Equipment Maintenance (Theory)MMF 131 (T)3
27Basic Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering (Theory)MMF 134 (T)3
28Principles of Jig & Fixture DesignMMF 1353
295 Axis CNC MillingMMF 1363
30Plastic Injection OperationMMF 1373
31Manufacturing Process TechnologyMMF 1383
32Inventory Demand ForecastingMMF 1393
33Fundamentals of Cutting Tools for Machine ProcessesMMF 1403
34Inventory Management (Theory)MMF 1413
35CNC Milling, Tool Selection and OptimizationMMF 1423
1Industrial AutomationEEA 10210
2Pneumatic SystemsEEA 104 (i)3
3Design & Construction of Electro PneumaticEEA 104 (ii)3
4Advanced Pneumatic ControlEEA 104 (iii)3
5Hydraulic SystemEEA 105 (i)3
6Electro Hydraulic SystemEEA 105 (ii)3
7Advanced Hydraulic SystemEEA 105 (L3)3
8Human Machine InterfaceEEA 1063
9Basic Electrical SkillEEA 1073
10Advanced Electrical SkillEEA 107 (ii)3
11Electrical Device & ControlEEA 1083
12Microprocessor for Industrial ApplicationEEA 1093
13PIC Microcontroller in C LanguageEEA 1113
14Process Control SystemEEA 1122
15Power Electronics & DrivesEEA 113 (i)3
16Advanced Power Electronics & DriveEEA 113 (ii)3
17Basic Electric Motor ControlEEA 1143
18Measurement, Instrumentation & SensorsEEA 1163
19Mechatronics (Level 1)EEA 117 (L1)3
20Mechatronics (Level 2)EEA 117 (L2)3
21Industrial RoboticsEEA 1183
22Electronic Packaging (Theory)EEA 1233
23Sensor Technology ApplicationEEA 1243
24Advanced Manufacturing TechnologyEEA 1263
25Motion Control TechnologyEEA 1273
26Motor Controller For Machine MaintenanceEEA 1283
27Automotive TechnologyEEA 1293
28Robotic & Control System (with Microcontroller)EEA 1313
29Control and Sensor Application of Differential Drive on Wheel Mobile RobotEEA 1353
30PIC Embedded Mobile Robot Hands on WorkshopEEA 1363
31Diagnostics on AC Electric MotorsEEA 1393
32Discovery & Diagnostics on Electrical and ElectronicsEEA 1403
33Hybrid and Electric Vehicle TechnologyEEA 1413
34Programming Arduino for Automation applicationEEA 1423
35Programming Arduino using Matlab/Simulink for control systemEEA 1433
36Arduino Mega 2560 for Motor Control ApplicationEEA 1443
37Arduino Mega 2560 for Pneumatics & Hydraulics ApplicationEEA 1453
38Digital Electronics for Motor Control ApplicationEEA 1463
39Digital Electronics for Pneumatics & Hydraulics ApplicationEEA 1473
40DIY Data Acquisition (DAQ) using PIC Microcontroller and Communicate to MATLAB or LabviewEEA 1483
41Build your own DC to DC converter using Microcontroller and Communication via MATLAB or LabviewEEA 1493
42DIY Digital PID using PIC Microcontroller and Communication via MATLAB/Simulink or LabviewEEA 1503
43DSP with MATLAB/Simulink for Control System ApplicationEEA 1513
44Fuzzy Logic using MATLAB/Simulink for Control System ApplicationEEA 1523
45Fuzzy Logic using PIC Microcontroller for Control System ApplicationEEA 1533
46Hardware in Loop Theory, Practical and Application for Control SystemEEA 1543
47Processor in Loop Theory, Practical and Application for Control SystemEEA 1553
48Discovery on Variable Speed DrivesEEA 1563
49Labview  for Control System ApplicationEEA 1583
50Labview for Motor Control ApplicationEEA 1593
51Labview for Pneumatics & Hydraulics ApplicationEEA 1603
52MATLAB/Simulink for Control System ApplicationEEA 1613
53MATLAB/Simulink for Hardware in Loop ApplicationEEA 1623
54MATLAB/Simulink for Processor in LoopEEA 1633
55Microcontroller for Data CommunicationEEA 1643
56Microcontroller for Pneumatics and Hydraulics ApplicationEEA 1653
57Microcontroller for Radio Frequency Data CommunicationEEA 1663
58Microcontroller For Control SystemEEA 1673
59Neural Network with MATLAB/Simulink for Control System ApplicationEEA 1683
60Electrical Safety & Machine SafeguardingEEA 1691
61Electrical Engineering For Non-Electrical EngineersEEA 1703
62Feedback Control SystemEEA 1713
63Industrial CommunicationEEA 1725
64GPS Positioning with PIC MicrocontrollerEEA 1732
65Advanced Design Systems for RF MicroelectronicsEEA 1745
66PLC OMRON (Analog and Real Time Application)EEA 1753
67Practical Signal & Image Processing: Theory & ApplicationEEA 1763
68Mechatronics System TroubleshootingEEA 1773
69Optical Proximity Sensing Technology: Basic Principles & Applications in Object DetectionEEA 1783
70Electronic Product Quality ControlEEA 1803
71Automation Handling SystemEEA 1813
72Digital Electronics & ApplicationEEA 1844
73Advanced Design Systems for RF MicroelectronicsEEA 1854
74Electronic Devices And CircuitsEEA 1864
75Signal Processing and Embedded SystemEEA 1874
76Essence of TelecommunicationEEA 1884
77Electrical System DesignEEA 1893
78Custom Analog Mixed Signal VLSI Designand VerificationEEA 1904
79The Principle of Signal Processing and SystemsEEA 1914
80Linear Systems and SignalsEEA 1923
81Analog Circuit Design FundamentalsEEA 1934
82Semiconductor Devices and TechnologyEEA 1944
83Transmission Line Theory & Practise for RF and Microwave AppsEEA 1953
84Modern Control EngineeringEEA 1964
85Wireless Communication System Development & VerificationEEA 1974
86RF And Microwave Transmission Line Simulation and AnalysisEEA 1983
87Introduction to Writing Verilog CodesEEA 1993
88Fundamentals of Electrical & ElectronicsEEA 2013
89Power Electronics: Design, Simulate & Analysis using MATLABEEA 2023
90Fundamentals of VLSI Design and Verification Phase 2EEA 20310
91Autonomous SystemEEA 2044
92System IntegrationEEA 2054
93Automotive Diagnostics Using Scanner ToolsEEA 2063
94PCB Design and FabricationEEA 2073
95Basic 3D ScannerEEA 2083
96Practical On Data Acquisition Using NI-DAQ & LabVIEW EEA 2102
97Basic Electrical & Electronics TroubleshootingEEA 2113
98Algorithm For Optimization Of Engineering Process With Matlab/SimulinkEEA 2123
99Photovoltaic Systems For AutomativeEEA 213Min: 3 , Max: 5
100IOT For MechatronicsEEA 2143


1TQM AwarenessIO 1013
25S Practices at WorkplaceIO 1023
3ISO 9001 QMSIO 1033
4Continous ImprovementIO 1043
5Managing People – OSHA, Industrial Relations, Employment Act, Leadership and Team BuildingIO 1053
6Total Cost of Ownership and ExcelIO 1063
7Manufacturing PlanningIO 1073

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