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UniKL Malaysian Spanish Institute (MSI) provides counseling service free, confidential and professional service available to all students both in individual and group sessions. The counselors are available to assist you on any issues of concern in a relaxed and non-judgmental setting. Students bring a variety of worries and concerns including study difficulties, homesickness, addictive behavior, etc. Some can be sorted out within a session, while others require longer counseling sessions.

A counselor gives professional guidance of the individual by utilizing psychological methods specially to help client deal with problems, make important decisions and make adjustment to their life.

The objectives:

  • To help students clarify their issues, gain insight into their feelings and thoughts and deal effectively with problems.
  • To help enhance student’s skills and attitudes in adpting to college life, creatively handle stresses and challenges, relate to new and different people, and make the institution experience their productivity.

Counselling & Club Activity

  • in an individual and group counseling, counselor help student coping with stress, relationships, academic achievement, fears about possible failure, dissatisfactions about themselves, or the discomfort of depression, guilt, anger or anxiety.
  • Conducted training program on leadership, soft skills and team / character building.
  • Conducted USR program for students.
  • The members of counseling club must participate or facilitate a training or program that can play a critical role in enabling them to further develop and apply their helping skills

Career Guidance

  • Administer personality and interest inventories
  • Counsel student who are considering a career change
  • Advise students about what courses and educational programs they need for careers
  • Conduct a program concerning their career needs.

Compliance With UniKL Policies & Procedures and following the counseling standard and practice.

  •  to ensure the counseling activities compliance with unikl and counseling standard and practice

How to book for appointment?

  • Walk in at SDCL office.
  • Book your slot via Call, WhatsApp or Email


    Graduate – Higher Order Critical Skills (G-HOCS) is a system developed as a program to produce certification system to recognise student’s achievements and efforts. It involves experiential learning in training and interaction sessions and activities in outside or inside the classroom.


    • To encourage students to make continuous and hardworking efforts to pursue holistic independence to nurture self-discipline and integrity.
    • To record achievement, recognising and rewarding students. GHOCS enables students to develop their graduate skills and attribute within supportive, flexible through their experience within years in UniKL.
    • To generate High Order Critical Skills (HOCS) transcript /e-resume / e – portfolio


    • G-HOCS is accessible by all students, UniKL Staff (who are Club advisors), SDCL Management & administered by 2 SDCL PICs at campuses level.


    G-HOCS is a point based program which made up from the 4 component / Module ;

    • Skills Development
    • Excellence Program
    • UniKL DNA Program
    • Management Skills (Additional)
    UniKL DNA Program Component Category:-
    No.Code ProgramName of ProgramDescription of Activity
    1.APActiveFocuses on community involvement & noble citizenship
    2.SRSports & RecreationFocuses on sports & recreation activities
    3.EPEntrepreneurFocuses on business, social enterprise & innovation
    4.GPGlobalFocuses on international/ cultural awareness
    5.GRGraduateFocusing for skills needed while they in university, including study skill, career development workshop, corporate visit, University Industrialmanship
    6.LCLeadershipFocusing on USRC/ SRC, & any related leadership program


    No.Code Student RolePointsExample of Activity
    • Sport Competition (MASUM, KSSU)
    • Final Year Project Competition
    • Project Exhibition
    • Programming Competition
    2.AWRD06Special Award20
    • Best Athelete
    • Young Officer (Leftenan Muda Pertahanan Awam)
    • Icon Awards
    3.AWRD08Participate (Special Invitation)5
    • Presenting at event or conference
    • Complete Module/Training
    • Global Excellence Leadership MARA (GEL MARA)
    4.AWRD09International Buddy (Short Semester)20
    • Buddy/ befriender to international/ exchange students for a short semester (less than 3 Months)
    5.AWRD10International Buddy (Full Semester)25
    • A student buddy for Exchange studnet for a full semester (More than 3 Months)
    6.AWRD11Exchange Students (Short Semester)20
    • ISEM/ Global Mobility activities (less than 3 Months)
    7.AWRD12Exchange Students (Short Semester)25
    • ISEM/ Global Mobility activities (More than 3 Months)

    For More Information, Come and Visit Us:

    • Our Room & Consultation Room located in the SDCL office.
    • Follow our official Instagram @rasa.sayang__ (double underscore).

UniKL MSI Counsellor

Siti Annur Ismail

Tel: +604-4035200 – ext. 172 / +6019-4158418


Address: UniKL MSI, Lot 12-16, Lebuhraya Perdana, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, 09090 Kulim Kedah Darul Aman.


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