Is UniKL an IPTS or IPTA?

Universiti Kuala Lumpur is the only IPTS that wholly owned by government. 

Where is UniKL MSI located?
What programmes are offered in UniKL MSI?
Does UniKL MSI allow students to change their programmes after registration?
How long is the duration of study for a Diploma programme?
How long is the duration of study for a Bachelor programme?
How many intakes per year?
Does UniKL MSI offer Bachelor Programme for working adults?
Are there any short course programmes in UniKL MSI?
Does UniKL MSI provide accommodation for students?
Are students allowed to bring their own transportation?
What are the alternatives for education loans aside MARA?
What are the differences between UniKL MSI and the other UniKL campuses?
Is UniKL MSI located near public transportations?



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