What sort of courses does Technical Training provide?

The key courses that we provide are mechanical, manufacturing, electrical and information communication technology where participants will gain knowledge and skills that will be useful at their workplace. We also provide management, quality and safety courses wherever and whenever requested by companies and organizations. As a training provider, our courses are tailored specifically to various customer groups, depending on your current situation.

We can help your company’s performance through our extensive selection of workshops which can be designed and customized to meet your training and development needs. The training is customized, cost-effective and can be offered at your site or ours.

How does Technical Training determine competence?

Practical and theory assessments are conducted to measure the participants’ hands on skills in specific trainings attended by them. The practical and theory assessments are conducted by the training provider / facilitator (only when requested by companies/organization) that evaluate the actual performance of the participants’ training against their actual performance and knowledge.

Does UniKL MSI provide course modules?

Yes. Participants will be given a course module each upon registration.

I need to find out more… what should I do?

If you would like to know more about our training courses please contact us during office hours. Moreover, you also can refer to our training directory for the trainings that are most relevant to you and your organization.

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For more information or details, contact us at CENTER FOR ADVANCEMENT & CONTINUING EDUCATION (ACE)
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How to contact?

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