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Conference of Language, Education and Engineering Technology & Postgraduate Research Symposium


In realizing the importance to organize conference by MSI in order to enhance the research culture among the researcher, R&I section had organized COLEET for the 4th time this year.


The objectives of the conference are:

  • To motivate academic staff to be involved in research activities.
  • To instill paper writing skill.
  • To share the research knowledge.
  • To provide potential collaboration among academic staffs and with the industry.


  Dr. Mohd Anuar Arshad

TITLE : "Educating is a noble profession"

Paper 1 - ME

Efficiency Study on Optimum Blade Number and Shape for Micro-Hydro Electric Harvester

Tajul Adli bin Abdul Razak, Khairul Shahrl Shafee, Mohd Riduan Ibrahim, Mohamad Shukri Mohd Zain & Megat Mohd Amzari

Paper 2 - ME

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Turbocharger System

Shahril, S. N. Soid, M. N. A. Hamid, Shukri Zain & A. Tajul

Paper 3 - ME

Simulating Plunger Energy Test Of Airless Tires Using Finite Element Method

Shukri Zain, K.A. Shamsuddin, Tajul Adli Abdul Razak, K. Shahrild, M. Sabri & Wan Mohd Asraf Hussein Wan Omar

Paper 4 - ME

Evaluating The Part Replenishment Techniques to Improve Production Performance

Mohd Khomeini Solihin Shafei, Mohd Norzaimi Che Ani, Ishak Abdul Azid

Paper 6 - ME

Performance Characteristics of Small Engine Fueled by Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Shukri Zain, SN Soid, MMA Amzari, M Nurhidayat Z

Paper 9 - ME

Toolpath Optimization and Machining Strategies for Connecting Rod Forging Die

Mohamad Zaim, A. R. Ab-Kadir, and K. Shahril

Paper 10 - ME

Analytical Investigation of the Dynamic Properties of Powertrain Universal Joint

Fazidah Saad & Zulkarnain Abdul Latiff

Paper 11 - ME

Reducing Drum Brake Squeal and Improve Braking Performance through Brake Shoe Modification

Siti Nor Nadirah Baba, Muhammad Najib Abdul Hamid, Shahril Nizam Mohamed Soid 

Paper 12 - ME

The Pattern Matching Engine Enhancement for Snort Intrusion Detection System

Siti Farhana Lokman,Ning Zhang,Abu Talib Othman

Paper 14 - ME

Design and Development of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Propeller Using Vortex Lattice Method

Mu’az Asri, M. Sabri M. Sidik, M. N. Zahelem, M. Husaini Abu Bakar

Paper 15 - ME

Design and Development of Bio-Inspired Underwater Propulsion System

  1. Habibullah, M. Sabri M. Sidik, M. N. Zahelem,
  2. Husaini Abu Bakar

Paper 16 - ME

Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Bio-Inspired Underwater Propulsion System

  1. Naim, M. Sabri M. Sidik, M. N. Zahelem,
  2. Husaini Abu Bakar

Paper 17 - ME

Two-wheels traction motor drives fed by a five-leg inverter


Paper 19 - ME

Effect Of Magnetic Field To Magnetic Particle In Magnetorheological Elastomer Layer

M.N.Hazwan Hadzir, A.b.Husaini,I.A.Azid

Paper 20 - ME

Multi-modes shape effect on electromagnetic energy harvester system for wideband operating frequency range

Muhammad Zaki Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Najib Abdul Hamid and Zainal Nazri Mohd Yusuf

Paper 5 - MA

Essential Oils: An Alternative to Chemical Medication

M.S Sharmiwati, H. Roshanizah, A.B. Noorhelinahani

Paper 7 - EDU

Trends in Student Participation and Learning Enhancement of Computer Programming Subject

N.H.Ibrahim, A.K.Ismail

Paper 8 - EE

Dynamic Model of Voltage Source Inverter (VSI)-Fed Three-Phase Induction Motor using MATLAB Simulink

Amir Rasyadan, Sazali Yaacob

Paper 13 - MA

Effect Of Acid Acrylic (AA) On Mechanical Properties And Swelling Behavior Of Spear Grass Fiber (SGF) Filled Polypropylene (PP)

Nuramalena, M. S. M. Zain, M. F. M. Abd. Majid, Nurashikin S. , M. Sabri

Paper 18 - MANU

A Proposition of Poka-Yoke Implementation on Material Removal Process

Muhammad Ilham Idris, Nik Ezri Hazim, Rahim Jamian, Mohd Faizal Abu Talib

Paper 21 - EE

Performance Evaluation of the Covariance Descriptor for Object Detection in a Sequence of Images

Mohd Fauzi Abu Hassan, Zakiah Ahmad, Azurahisham Sah Pri



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