The Innovation And Invention Competition Through Exhibition 2014 (iCompEx 2014) is a national event, was held from 24 March to 25 March 2014 in Politeknik Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah (POLIMAS), Jitra, Kedah hosts over than 700 inventions from 286 different institutions and agencies. In the fierce competition, UniKL MSI was highly regarded and won 1 gold and 3 silver medals.

The gold-award-winning “Economic Lemang Oven (E-LOV)” in the Class IV category; Manufacturing Process, Machines and Equipment is a consulting project with Kolej Vokasional Seberang Perai, Penang under supervision Mr Mohd Zaki and his team; Mr Rozdin, Mr Mohd Nizar and Mr Aznizam.  

The “Smooth Leverer and Adjuster (SMOOLEAD)” invented by Mr Rozdin, Mr Mohd Zainudin, Mr Mohd Nizar, Mr Mohd Zaki and Mr Aznizam, the “Deep Bore Plumber Wrench” invented by Mr Mohd Shahrizan, Mr Azren, Mr Mohd Zainudin, Mr Mohd Nazri and Mr Mohammad Shukri and the “Portable Ramp for Handicap People” invented by Mdm Fazidah, Mohd Shazrul Ariff, Muhammad Afiq and Norhisham are awarded silver medals in the Class II category; Industrial Design. While the “Application of Ceramic Sponge for Eco-friendly Water Filter” invented by Mdm Sharmiwati, Mdm Noorhelinahani, Mohammad Mizan, Mohd. Nazmi and Mohd Hazwan Bin Abdul Rahhim, in the Class IX category; Environmental and Energy Renewable did not win.

The success of 3 silver medals won at iCompEx 2014 shows the national recognition of UniKL MSI’s devotion to innovation and invention. R&I department also expects staff and students to improve in the areas of innovation and teamwork and to increase product value and global perspective via inspection and learning during the competition.


Kuala Lumpur, 13 January 2014 – 4 innovation projects were shortlisted from a total of 12 submissions for this year's MARA Innovation Award. With the closing date for submission ended noon today, projects by UniKL will be contesting in 4 innovation categories contested.
Under the Management category, UniKL shortlisted "Installation and Dismantling Improvement Techniques in Mechanical Projects" innovation project by researchers from UniKL MSI and another project from UniKL MIMET with the title of "Low Cost Friction Stir Welding Machine" submitted for Teaching and Learning category.
Meanwhile, award winning project "Slider Furniture Mover (Fuslimo)" from UniKL MSI was submitted under Technical category and finally under the Wish List category, UniKL is putting its hope on UniKL MIMET innovative project, "Fishing Offshore Remote Terminal (FORT)" to win this category.

Good luck to all participating researchers and innovators and let's hope that UniKL will be able to sweep all the major award categories contested.
Reported by:
Amir Azhar Ibrahim 
Corporate Affairs and Branding Division